The president of Turkey’s Somalia was arrested after causing a fight.

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Faruk Koga, president of Turkish club Ankaragucu, has been arrested by police. After causing trouble by punching a referee in the face in a league match against Chaikur Rizespor,

Koga walked up to Halil Umut Meiler, the referee of the game, before praising him. The referee had to be carried to the hospital.

The president of top tier Turkish soccer club Ankaragucu, Faruk Koca, was arrested on Tuesday for punching a referee in the face at the end of a match, with the official telling police that Koca had threatened to kill him.

Mailer was also kicked when he fell to the ground. Before police helped him take him into the dressing room and later take him to the hospital. ทางเข้า ufabet

The Turkish Football Federation also immediately ordered an indefinite suspension of domestic football competitions. After the incident,

Justice Minister Yilmaz Tunk said Koga and two other suspects had been arrested and questioned. The investigation will continue.

Turkish Football Federation President Mehmet Buyukexi and Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya have visited Meler in hospital.

UEFA has also condemned the incident. Meler has served as a referee in European football, including the Lazio vs. Celtic game in the Champions League group stage this season. And he is also one of Turkey’s top directors.