Include Hi-Lo formulas, techniques for playing Sic Bo, how to play and get money

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There are many different formulas for playing Hi-Lo . Depending on the preferences of each member some tips to play The chances of winning bets may not reach 100%, but for sure these formulas will give members the opportunity to earn more money. What recipes are there to follow?

1. Hi-Lo formula, high and low bets, high and low bets

It’s an easy choice and the chances of winning are high. If you want to use this technique to play All you have to do is wait for time. which must be observed in the statistics box if there is a result that comes out with the same result consecutively

When the result of consecutive bets from 2-3 eyes or more, after that, you can prepare to bet on the options that come out next to each other. The chances of going out like this for a long time have a high chance. Although it may be paid less than other options. But if you have been in contact for many eyes like this, you may also receive a large sum of money.

2. Online Hi-Lo betting formula

For this technique, the difficulty of using it may be even more. Before placing a bet, you must look at the statistics that have been issued first. which must observe points in many eyes that come out on this front Which score comes out the most? Which point comes out next It may take 1-2 eyes to observe.

3. Hi-Lo bet formula, bet 2 pairs

This technique is no different from the previous recipe. It is to observe the statistics of exits in the past several eyes. Take time to observe 1-2 eyes, then choose the most frequently drawn numbers and the following numbers.

4. Hi-Lo online formula, Teng Teng

Continuing from the previous technique This formula is also observing numbers that come out often from many eyes as well. In which you must observe the numbers that come out often which will have to wait for about 1-2 eyes to be confident

5. Hi-Lo betting formula, add 4 pieces of money

This formula is suitable for people with capital. How to use this technique must be divided into 4 pieces of money together, namely 100, 300, 200, 400, starting with 100 baht, but if being bet 300 according to 2, follow back to bet again with 200 money if bet 400

6. Hi-Lo online formula, betting formula 5, except 1

Must choose to bet on 5 numbers from a total of 6 numbers, cut off 1 number from the statistics that have the least chance of exiting. If exiting any one, the profit will be 1 time, but if any of the exits is doubled, the profit will be 2 times. สมัคร UFABET

If losing, just place a new bet. It may take some time to see the statistics to increase more confidence. After being confident, place new bets again. Guarantee that you will get money back for sure. May get less but gradually