Coady urges friends to fight against Everton crisis

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Everton defender Conor Coady said. After the 3-1 defeat to Manchester United  in the FA Cup third round that the team’s situation continued to deteriorate.

Everton are 18th in the Premier League table and looking at their latest win in official games They have to go back to the end of October. Which they opened at home to beat Crystal Palace 3-0 and this elimination made Everton win 8 consecutive games (2 draws, 6 losses) in all competitions, with Coady doing one last game. door and scored another own goal

“We have to keep fighting. We are on a very bad path. The situation was bad. Everyone wants to get out of this kind of situation. Let’s play in this game with a game plan. But in the end, we ended the game in defeat with an own goal conceded. and losing both penalty points

“We are not happy at all but we have to fight to survive. Our managers work hard. And great for all of us, he understands the team and the club, we need to listen to what he teaches to get the team out of this situation. the UFABET report

Everton will have their next game at home against Southampton Teams that are in a relegation situation in the Premier League, just like them.