Big Brighton reveals Liverpool’s moves about signing Caicedo

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Brighton chief executive Paul Barber has opened up on Liverpool and the Premier League giants’ moves regarding the transfer of their key midfielder Moises Caicedo in the January transfer window. Report from the UFABET.

Several media reports agree that the Reds want to bring the Ecuador national team midfielder to join the army in the winter market to fix the midfield player’s injury. After showing excellent form in the first half of the season and at the 2022 World Cup, including news with Manchester United and Chelsea, however, the CEO of the Seagull team has issued Let’s talk about the latest movement that

“I’m delighted to say that we haven’t received any offers yet, maybe they don’t have my email because I haven’t seen any messages yet. Speaking of which, does that include the cost of the shoes? Or maybe it’s just a shoelace. But if it’s not funny, then It is said that the price of a player depends on the demand in the market as well.

“Graham (Potter)’s comment was partly a joke. But part of it is serious because Moises is an important player of our team. Since his move to the Premier League, he has been improving all the time. He is a young player with a great attitude. It’s amazing work. And a very good person off the field.”

“So all these things play a role in creating value for footballers when it’s time to sell,” said Barber.