age gap Big problem, but how can it solve?

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age gap Big problem, but how can it solve?

age gap It is an important problem nowadays that is moving towards an aging society. make the understanding of each generation different. Especially the older generation and the younger generation. So what can done to solve these problems? Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

What is the age gap?

Generation gap is the difference in opinions, beliefs, values ​​or attitudes between one generation and another. that has happened for a long time And it becomes more apparent nowadays. That Thailand has entered into a fully aging society. In addition, there are political concepts during the 2023 election to drive the big and small generations with completely different ideas and attitudes. but have to live together in society Whether in the family or in the organization It’s difficult to avoid conflicting with each other. What can solve these problems is to understand each age group first.

Baby Boomer or Gen B or Boomer

Is a person born between the years 1946 – 1964 (76-58 years old) after the end of World War 2, there was social and economic recovery. Need workers to replace the deceased Thus, the value of having many children was born. Common traits of Gen people are serious, devoted to work, patient, frugal, like stable work, and loyal to the organization. and to give importance to citizenship

Generation X or Gen X or Yuppie

is a person born between the years 1965-1979 (57-43 years old), also known as Live in a time when the world is peaceful, prosperous, comfortable, in an era of digital transformation. Contraceptives are available to make the population suitable for resources. Give importance to creating life balance. Be independent, open, creative and flexible.

Generation Y or Gen Y or Millennials

is a person born between 1980-1997 (42-25 years old) growing up in the digital age international open to culture love the comfort have good educational opportunities Have a concept of yourself do what you like And reject things that you don’t like, be clear, expect high returns, change jobs, want to balance your time for yourself. and doing activities to make yourself happy

Generation Z or Gen Z

Is a person born after 1997 (age 24 years old) born with facilities Living in a digital society There is a wireless communication and entertainment media Raised by other people than their own parents. Keep up with the world. Decide what to do quickly. Do not like to wait. Be open to different ideas and cultures. good attitude adjustment, non-discrimination, multitasking human being, low tolerance, needs more explanations, needs to be reasonable, and must feel that he understands everything in life.

There is also Other generations such as the Silent Generation are people born between 1925 and 1942 or aged 80 or older who were born during the World War II economic downturn, Generation Alpha or Gen Alpha are children born from 2010 or aged 12 years down. Ma, who was born and raised with technology and cultural diversity. received overwhelming love from parents lack of flexibility and far from nature

With the time of growing up in different eras thus preaching for each generation to have different concepts. But what makes people of all generations and ages can live happily together is “communication” that opens up to accept and respect the opinions of different people. By using the 4E principle,


Having different experiences affects. How you view the world differently. Even people of the same generation can have different ideas and attitudes. Assuming that the same generation will share the same thoughts will only increase the conflict. Therefore, we should try to appease him to pay attention to us. Understand the perspective of the other person. Who has encountered different problems or experiences. not self-centered that everyone has to think or feel the same way about. This will lead to conflicts and escalate beyond resolution.