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Bitter Melon: The Fruit That Can Help With Diabetes

The claims about the medicinal properties of bitter melon. How true or false will it be? Some studies and medical evidence have proven various aspects food as follows: Bitter melon and the treatment of diabetes. Controlling blood sugar levels is a way to treat diabetes. ufabet If blood sugar levels

5 things from nature Helps nourish lips

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day helps keep nourish lips looking healthy. But just drinking water may not be enough. Girls should take additional care of their lips with lip balm or take care of their lips from these 5 natural things.  1. Coconut oil Coconut oil

Benefits of red beans

Red beans are a good source of protein. and very low in fat Helps nourish the heart to be strong. It can also reduce weight. Ready to help nourish the fire element. Therefore, if the weather is cold, humid, or rains a lot, the body

When diet falls off. How should I proceed to maintain

When diet falls off. How should I proceed to maintain ‘good health’? It is normal for people to adjust their behavior for health for a long time and then it happens. “Go back to the old days” or return to the old way of living. that is

Cinnamon and the treatment of diabetes. 

Cinnamon is a spice that is believed to have health benefits. Such as helping to heal wounds and prevent diarrhea. Has antioxidant properties anti-inflammatory or reduce blood sugar levels This is because cinnamon bark contains tannins, a type of free radical that may be beneficial to the body.

How to safely consume instant noodles?

People who like to eat instant noodles do not need to abstain from eating this type of food completely. But you should study how to consume safely as follows. Additionally, Thai people believe that MSG or monosodium glutamate (MSG), a form of sodium in instant

Processed foods that should be avoided.

Today, processed foods are more convenient and easier to consume. But eating too much of certain processed foods can also be harmful to your health. The processed foods that should be avoided are as follows: Instant noodles Just one package of these noodles contains about

Benefits of whole wheat bread and white bread.

 Nowadays, people are increasingly consuming whole wheat bread. Because it is believed that it has health benefits. Many studies have studied the various benefits of whole wheat bread and white bread. To see how the two types of bread affect health. Also, is whole wheat

age gap Big problem, but how can it solve?

age gap Big problem, but how can it solve? age gap It is an important problem nowadays that is moving towards an aging society. make the understanding of each generation different. Especially the older generation and the younger generation. So what can done to solve these problems? Report from ทางเข้า

Who should test for hereditary heart disease genes?

Who should test for hereditary heart disease genes? Procedure for screening for genetic heart disease Treatment for hereditary In case of having inherited In general. The doctor will give advice about the disease. Treatment plan and make continuous follow-up appointments In addition. The doctor will recommend that family members